KTB Bulut contains a calendar application.

  • You can view your calendars from the Modules menu or by clicking the date field at the top of the page.
  • You can create more than one calendar according to preference in DivvyCalender.
  • To create a new calendar, click the Calendars heading from the Settings button.
  • All your calendars are displayed in this area.
  • You can create your personal/business calendars with the Add Calendar button.

You can edit, delete and share the created calendars via the three-dot menu next to it.

  1. Calendar Sharing
    • Created calendars can be shared with users in the system.
    • To the user with whom the calendar is shared, “xxx person shared the xxx calendar with you.” A confirmation message is sent.
    • When the other user approves the notification, he/she only has the right to view the relevant calendar.
    • All changes (add, delete, rename, remind, etc.) powers on the calendar belong to the calendar owner.
  2. Adding an Event
    • New events can be created with the add event button.
    • In order to create a new event, it is necessary to define a name for your event, determine which calendar it should be included in, and determine the date/time information.
    • As an additional feature, reminder alerts can be set for the event, notifications can be created via e-mail and notification methods within the system.
    • To view the details of an event, click on the created event.
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